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Olivia Newton-John in Düsseldorf/Germany, July 26th 1996

In January 1996 Olivia was guest at "Wetten dass ...", one of the most popular Saturday night shows in Germany.

At that show there was a performance of the cast of the German "Grease-Musical" which took place at the Capitol theatre in Duesseldorf. Olivia, world-wide known and famous for her role as Sandy in the film, supported their performance and promised to also visit one of the musical performances in Duesseldorf later this year.

Six months later I received a telephone call from a friend of mine who is also a fan of Olivia. He worked as a musical actor and told me that he got the information that Olivia will join the "Grease"-performance at the Capitol theatre in Duesseldorf on July 26th, 1996.

I ordered two tickets for the show right away and arranged to meet an other ONJ-fan and collector from Berlin at the railway station in Duesseldorf.


When we both arrived in Duesseldorf some days later we checked in at the hotel and went to the Capitol theatre to be sure to be there when Olivia would arrive.

Among the many people who wanted to visit the show there were also about 30 other fans who had heard about the event from different sources. One of them told us, that Olivia had already been at the theatre in the early afternoon for a press conference. We were a little bit disappointed because in case we would have known this, we sure had come to Duesseldorf earlier to see Olivia before the show. So we had to wait among the other visitors for her arrival.

At 7.00 p.m. an oldtimer car of the fifties reached the theatre car park followed by a blue Mercedes limousine. We could recognise that Olivia, her daughter Chloe, her sister Rona and a young man (who was Rona's son Emerson) sat in the Mercedes which drove to the back entry of the theatre.

There was no chance to get in contact with Olivia at that moment, although some of the fans tried to follow the limousine to the back door.

Olivia was not to be seen at the foyer of the theatre before the show. Just a few minutes before the start she appeared in a group of people - her family and some guys of the management - and sat on some reserved seats. The audience gave her standing ovations but I noticed that there were also some people (also my right neighbour was one of them) who did not know her at all!

In the break between the two parts of the show Olivia and her "crew" disappeared behind the stage. We went to the foyer of the theatre where they had several bars and counters. A part of the lounge was cordoned off and we lined up in front of that cordon waiting for the things to come.

Some minutes later Olivia, Chloe and Rona arrived with some other people from a back door to that exclusive zone and were immediately surrounded by some photographers and camera men. They took photos and unfortunately stood between Olivia and us so it was hard for us to take some good photo snapshots.

We talked to the security staff, to the managers and also to Rona, but nobody could tell us whether we would get the chance to speak to Olivia or to get some autographs. One guard told us that we could not get autographs because if Olivia would do this for one fan she had to do this for all the other fans too and that were impossible during that short break.

I had a 7" record with me to get an autograph on it. It was Olivia's very first record "Till you say you'll be mine" from 1966 and I asked some people behind the cordon to show this record to Olivia. First there was no reaction but suddenly a young woman asked me for the record. She brought it to Olivia's table which was about 5 meters from us and the people over there had a close look at the record. After 5 long minutes the young woman came back to me and gave me the record which was autographed by Olivia.

At the end of the break Olivia finally came to her fans at the cordon for a short moment, but only a few could talk to her. Soon the bell rang and we all had to go back to the audience room.

Also Olivia and her family returned and the show continued. At the end of the show Olivia received flowers form the actor who played "Danny Zuko" and most visitors left the theatre. Olivia stayed at her seat and now our chance had come.

We approached to her group and now could take some close photos right in front of her. Some fans succeeded in sitting close to Olivia and got photographed with her.

Some photos of Olivia (with Chloe) in the audience

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Olivia was very friendly (like always) and we had some minutes to get what we wanted before a manager decided that the time has come when Olivia had to leave the audience room.

The group disappeared behind the stage and after all the other visitors also have left, the entrance door to the audience room was locked.

We could see that Olivia went back to the stage where she then met the actors of the musical. A camera team filmed and we were told that this should be a tv-commercial to turn people's interest to the German "Grease" musical show at the Capitol theatre.

When Olivia returned from the stage after about 20 minutes she only stayed for a little while, then disappeared with Chloe and Rona behind a wall and we expected that they would leave now. We went to the front of the theatre and some minutes later the limousines left the car park without giving us a further chance to contact Olivia.

It was the second time for me to meet Olivia. It was not to compare with the great event six years before when I met Olivia in Biarritz/France and had lot of time to talk with her and to take photos. In Duesseldorf there were much more people and too many security measures so that most of the fans could not talk to Olivia, could not give her the flowers they wanted to give her and also did not get an autograph. That was not Olivia's fault but caused by the schedule of the musical performance.

I was very lucky to be one of the very few people who received an autograph. My luck seemed to be that I had this very rare record with me which was interesting to see for Olivia.

At least I suppose that in spite of the unfavourable circumstances most fans who met Olivia in Duesseldorf for the first time in their life, were very glad to see her.


Olivia with Rona

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