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"The Olivia Newton-John Companion"

Date of last update: 04. November 2019

In October 2000 there was an inquiry at the message board of the Olivia Newton-John fanclub "Only Olivia".

Edward Wincentsen, a book author, asked the Olivia-fans for some support, because he was planning to write a book about Olivia Newton-John. This book should be different to the usual publications and Wincentsen intended to publish the stories and candid photos of fans who have met Olivia.

I have met Olivia twice in my life and so I contributed two reports and some of the photos I made when I met Olivia.

One year later - in October 2001 - the new book has been released in the USA:

It is available at different online-shops like www.amazon.de , www.amazon.com   or www.wynnco.com for US $ 18.95.

The book has about 200 pages and there are 18 pages with my material.

You may also be interested in Edward Wincentsen's other book releases. So here are some scans of his books so far:

moodyblues.jpg (1997 Byte)  

The Olivia Newton John Companion

Date of last update: 04. November 2019