Olivia Newton-John Collection

Message board, news, biography

You may have missed some functions on my website which other fan-pages usualy offer.

I am talking about a guest book, a message board, a news section or a biography.

You should know that I am not an organisation or a fanclub and I also do not have official contacts to Olivia or her management. I am a fan like many others too and the main aim of my website is to let other fans take part on my collection.

Living in Germany it is nearly impossible for me to keep the visitors of my website informed about recent news about Olivia Newton-John. I also do not have enough time to manage a guestbook or a message board.

But I can highly recommend the English fanclub:

I do not know any source which could offer you more service and information about Olivia and her work than this fanclub.

To honour the work of Helen Kembery and Richard Mudhar I would like to invite you to visit their website:


I am sure you will enjoy their website.