Olivia Newton-John Collection
Physical 40th Anniversary Edition

Physical was in 1981 a huge success for Olivia Newton-John.
The single stayed 10 weeks on number 1 of the American Billboard charts.
The album changed Olivia's image so far.


In 2021 for the 40th Anniversary that album was new released in a limited edition as a compact disc
and also as a special vinyl edition which reached the shops in July 2022 in different versions.



The 40th Anniversary Special Edition Compact Disc

The special edition contains 2 CDs and 1 DVD.

Disc One contains the 10 regular songs of the original release plus 6 bonus tracks.

Disc Two contains 3 additional recordings as bonus tracks plus 10 remixes & alternate versions as bonus tracks and lso 2 live recordings as further bonus tracks.

Disc Three is a DVD with the video album of Physical and Olivia in Concert filmed in Ogden, Utah on October 12 & 13, 1982.

The 40th Anniversary Edition vinyl albums
physical_special.jpg (129869 Byte) physical_black.jpg (118557 Byte)
Physical 40th Anniversary Edition Regular Release in black vinyl
urban_outfitters.jpg (167545 Byte) physical_marble.jpg (129629 Byte)
Physical 40th Anniversary Edition Urban Outfitters Release in opaque aqua vinyl
Physical_target.jpg (162765 Byte) physical_pink.jpg (135540 Byte)
Physical 40th Anniversary Edition Target Release in pink vinyl
physical_walmart.jpg (168822 Byte) physical_purple.jpg (76544 Byte)
Physical 40th Anniversary Edition Walmart Release in purple vinyl
The giant posters
poster_physical.jpg (61967 Byte)
The different sizes of the original poster from 1981 and the giant poster from 2021
physical_poster_khaki.jpg (73520 Byte) physical_poster_weiss.jpg (66585 Byte)
Enclosed in regular, Walmart and Urban Outfitters edition Enclosed only in Target edition