Olivia Newton-John Collection


Olivia   by The Swamp Dandies



Waiting tables at the White trash Café
I've got Alabama in the wall
I got nothing against all those beardy smiley faces
I just want a little more
So I keep staring at the door
You know who I'm waiting for

Won't you sail across the ocean from those golden sands?
With those healing hands
You know she's the only one who'll ever understand
Maybe I could be her man

I'd let her be there in the morning
I'd let her be there in the afternoon
When the sky gets dark and the snow starts falling
A cup of coffee the her warm

The phone is quiet on the wall
But I keep waiting for the call ... from ...


And it ain't because she's so pretty
And you know it, you know that she is
And it ain't because she sings so sweet
I've got the Nashville shroud of Turin
It's been talking and I've been listening ... about ...


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from the CD


MGM records


"Olivia" is the first Video Single from
ex-"Things of Stone and Wood" Frontman
Greg Arnold and his Melbourne trio
"The Swamp Dandies"

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