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Olivia Newton-John  by Uncle Bonsai

Olivia Newton John

Some women like to sing out strongly with vibrato
It gets so violent you can hardly find the notes
Some women like to sling a song with such bravado
You long for silence while they're opening their throats
Sometimes a screamer with no finesse
Will make you dream of leaving with your hearing intact
It takes a whisper, it takes a breath
To give a songstress something of an act
I heard the voices from my parents room
Carson seemed to have his smile in place
Johnny always loved a pretty face
Always loved the chance to score
Especially with a girl next door
Then I heard the voice come through the TV screen
Something started stirring in the night
I could feel a vision dressed in white
Someone I would not forget
Strutting on the TV set
And Oh Oh Oh
I was only eleven
But Oh Oh Oh I was feeling like twelve
I stared intently while the music played
Doc said he could tell that she'd go far
Ed was always searching for a star
Someone who could sing and more
Sure to make the ratings soar
And Oh Oh Oh
I admit I've been mellow
And Oh Oh Oh
I admit that I've tried
Olivia Newton-John
The girl with the velvet skin
Using her cords for more awards
Than anyone thought she'd win
Olivia Newton-John
The girl with the Hi-Pro glow
Smiled again for network men
And starred in a TV show
She starred in a TV show
I saw a poster in the record store
Every little follicle in place
Not a hint of makeup on her face
Every single photograph
Capturing that perfect laugh
And I read the caption in Variety
Universal Pictures made the scene
I would see my angel on the screen
Suddenly she'd have the chance
Show the world that she could dance
And Oh Oh Oh
You can hear my body talk
Body talk, body talk
Oh Oh Oh
Let's get into Physical
Olivia Newton-John
The girl that we all adore
Taking a rest she moved out west
And opened a clothing store
Olivia Newton-John
The girls with the eyes of blue
Making us cringe, she flaunted fringe
And made it to Xanadu
She made it to Xanadu
Oh it will never fail ya
If you're there in full regalia
And you say you're from Australia
You'll be in the loot
Even if your bacchanalian
You're not thought of as an alien
Cause anyone Australian is so damned cute
I stay inside and keep my headphones on
I just need to whet my appetite
I draw the shades and dim the lights
No one else need ever know
What is on my stereo
And I've got some friends who feel the same as me
Everyone has paid his fan club dues
Paying close attention to the news
Waiting for the moment when
Olivia will rise again
Olivia Newton-John
Girl with the perfect hair
Losing the smile she changed her style
But nobody seem to care
Olivia Newton-John
The girl with the master plan
Traded her soul for breath control
And married a younger man
She married a younger man

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