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When I was a school-boy in the seventies I heard my first song of Olivia on a sampler LP and I did not know that "Banks of the Ohio" should be the beginning of a never ending story.

In 1974 I bought my very first record although I did not even possess an own record player at that time. It was the German LP release "First Impressions".

The 70s were a great time for Olivia fans because she released a new album nearly every year and became more and more famous. When I left school in 1977 I started collecting records and later tried to buy whatever I could get of Olivia.

In a time without computers, e-mails and internet I already had a lot of contacts to other fans from all over the world which I contacted by writing letters. As I did not have a family on my own at that time I could spend much more time for my hobby than today. This helped me very much to find interesting items for my collection.

My greatest experience of being a fan of Olivia Newton-John was in 1990 and again in 1996 when I was lucky enough to meet her twice.

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After meeting Olivia in person I also would like to see her live on stage. So I hope one day she will also have a concert in Europe again after she has already returned to stage in the USA.

I am a collector for 47 years now and I will keep my eyes open to watch Olivia's career and to increase my collection.

Although I already possess a lot of stuff I know that there are still so many items to collect and things I even do not know about their existence.

I have always enjoyed watching other fans' collections and their items because they give me much pleasure and also further suggestions. Therefore I would like to let you take part on my collection. I hope you will enjoy it too.

Best wishes to all of you


Date of last update: 23. September 2021